At the Beginning – Anastasia OST

Never thought of this song outside the context of the film before, but I really like this song. It’s sweet, upbeat and romantic. Two thumbs up! 🙂

An American Tail III: 15 Years of Fail

15 years ago my siblings and I opened up our brand new VHS copy of An American Tail III: The Treasure on Manhattan Island. We loved An American Tail II: Fieval Goes West and put it on regularly. With excitement we shoved it into the VCR and hit play.

Moments into the film we were horrified.

Fieval: Mama, I dreamed we moved out west and I became a famous gunslinger!
Tanya: Ha! Like that could happen.
Fieval: Well it seemed real to me!

My siblings and I were in uproar. “Oh no! Money grubbing Universal decided to milk the franchise and write off our favorite film as a dream! Why?! Why??! WHY???!” We couldn’t let it go, and at least once a year since we watched An American Tail III: The Treasure on Manhattan Island in 1998 (>_>;) we lament our ruined childhood memories and grumble against Universal‘s poor decision …until now that is.

Seems that this film was done as a prequel and the scene was meant to be a foreshadowing of An American Tail II: Fieval Goes West. D’oh! (Worst tie-in ever!) However, we are finally at peace and our childhood memories are restored.

Sorry Universal… No hard feelings right? O:)