Crochet Hook Love~

My favorite crochet hook is Amour by Clover! The soft grip handles are just what I need to pick up my crochet after a long hard day of hand abuse at work.

My second favorite is Soft Grip also by Clover, third is Susan Bates and in forth would be Boye. Funny to think that 12 years ago when I started crocheting I was a staunch Boye user!

I started using other hooks in 2011 when I was crocheting octopi for Youmacon and had a problem with the Boye “C” hook. Something about the casting  kept snagging and tearing my yarn so I switched to a Susan Bates hook for that size. Once I started using it though, I realized how much easier crocheting was with that style of head and switched. When calluses started forming, I bought grips for my crochet hooks – then shelled out for a Clover Soft Grip. Major improvement! But I managed to lose it in the peak of con prep. D’oh! And… I bought my first Amour hook this past November before I had a bad carpal tunnel flare up. Although I don’t have the same issue that I did then, I still need to be kind and show a little amour to my hands.  😉

Amour Crochet Hooks by Clover


Etsy is Awesome!!!

So many unique items to browse and so little money to purchase with! Maybe next month? ;u;

So yeah, I’ve been spending a ludicrous amount of time (and money) on Etsy the past few weeks. In some ways it has benefited me – such as making my items more find-able since I updated my keywords for my “Tako-san”  keychains, have brainstormed on details such as item appearance and packaging with my family and have decided to pay for a sponsored listing for two weeks – soon. I’ve also discovered some of the artists that I have dealt with/followed in the past have Etsy shops! Yay! On the material side, I now have a furin, a yukata, an “obi”, five Japanese language crochet ebooks, 5 sumi-e style prints, four adorable items crafted out of felt (three floppy disks and a taco brooch) and I have an amigurumi narwhal and takochu as well as a print of AJ from Shutterbox still on the way. Totally awesome~!!! *_* However I believe the point of having an Etsy shop was to get my name out there, sell items and …not buy everything I love from everyone else. *sigh*