The Dragon Cover Design – Colored Pencil


A relatively complete cover design. 🙂

I’m really pleased with how this turned out. I had doodled the basic idea of the cover back in 2004 but there was so little drawn (Sadie’s face, hair, neck, shoulders and the dragon) I just drew over the old artwork. The dragon shape is 95% the same as back then but as for my OC* Sadie Collins (who is featured) I had to construct so much of her it’s insane. Back then I couldn’t figure out how to draw what I wanted or what to draw next so I archived it. Although I don’t have plans to complete this story, The Dragon was my very first original manga project without using anyone else’s characters or worlds – something that I couldn’t do before this point – which I believe to be a pivotal point in my drawing. 🙂

Below is some of the artwork over the years including a cover I drew for the binder that was to hold The Dragon artwork back in 2007 (before life drawing). The original Sadie drawn with a pen on notepad, Sadie redrawn in 2007 after taking Life Drawing and the first embodiment of Sadie’s love interest in eight years – Damon Logan. I had only drawn him once in 2004 and lost the paper. Just as well, I’m sure he looked just as wonky and awkward as all my male characters from that time. :p


Artwork Binder Cover 2007

Original Sadie 2004

Sadie 2004


Sadie 2007


Damon 2012