Art Influences

So I saw this meme on Arkelle’s dA and it has really given me a lot of pause. It’s really difficult to figure out my personal manga style influences. I have had a lot of manga/comic artists who I totally loved their style but it didn’t translate on paper. Other times I’m like a sponge and my artwork starts reflecting the style of the artist I recently enjoyed the work of. My style isn’t 100% here or there – I really like to mix it up and change my style with almost every story I create. Not that the world ever gets to see it though! xD

If I made it the influence meme of my selfish comic anna128 it would be very easy. Very. I’ve spent so much time on character development for Anna that I better know where I’m getting it from! Everything about anna128 is really me. It may not be 100% “kosher”, correct or lovable but it’s me and it may not be cute or frilly but I like it that way.


The main influences for anna128 are the following:

Anna’s Eye Style: Pon & Zi (Azuzephre),
Anna’s no-bang hairstyle: Dolly (Family Circus by Bill Keane)
Anna’s Ponytail: Fiona (Zoids Chaotic Century)
Body Structure: Pucca, and Chris Hart’s book “How to Draw Chibi and Furry Characters “
Backgrounds (or lack thereof) and Layout: Garfield and Dilbert
Layout and Drawing Medium: Megatokyo’s original four square style and use of pencils (Fred Gallagher)
Drawing Medium: Mark Crilley with his use of Prismacolor Premier Black colored pencils. 
Other Inspiration: Strong Bad e-mail (Brothers Chaps), In Pusuit of Nain (Kat McNiel), MIKA, Tintin (Herge), shojo manga, anime, clothes I kasian drama, chibis, my life, otakuism, faith, thoughts, anything I think is humorous or worth repeating… 😀

As an artist, this is really lame to put the meme into text. As an art hobbiest however, I think I am forgiven. O:)

If you would like to try filling this out the artist way- knock yourselves out.  Click here for a blank meme. 🙂