My New Little Family: Introducing Daisuki and Ai :3

“I really want goldfish.” I told my brother over the phone.

“I’ll be happy to talk this over later.” He replied in a hushed voice. “I’m on a conference call.” Oops. Open mouth insert cell.

Unlike the kid in the candy store scenario, I was halted in the fish supplies contemplating a 3.5 gallon tank when I made the call. With its rounded edges and streamlined design, it was beautiful. A perfect home for the hot pink aquarium rocks that I had fallen in love with a week before.

As I waited for my phone to ring, I compared aquarium accessories and fish with unease. Would my brother rescind his no pets rule?

15 minutes long minutes later, I got the okay~!



Rinsed off aquarium baubles


Daisuki and Ai annoyed at how long the setup is taking


Pink rocks inserted.


Aquarium baubles added 🙂


Water, Starter Zymes and lid installation: check


Filter installation: check


Daisuki and Ai waiting it out.


Free at last!


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