I am – what?!

My brother was reading a Game Informer magazine this evening when he came across a quiz called “What Video Game Character Are You?” and decided to use me as the quiz guinea pig. Here is what followed.

Brother: Adventure Time! What do you wear?
Brother: 1st question. Are you wearing:
A. Next to nothing
B. Clothes
C. Covered in hair or fur
Me: A. Next to nothing (Thinking of some chick in a bikini)
Brother: Question number two. What are you?
A: Human
B: I don’t know
C: Reptile
Me: B: I don’t know. (image of alien space chick in mind)
Brother: …You’re Kirby.
Me: (shocked silence)
Me: What??!
Brother: You’re Kirby. (starts laughing)

I was pretty ticked. I mean wouldn’t you be? Having your image of some cool game character deflate into a pink puff ball? Ah well, all is in fun.