Shojo Beat

Viz Media has been my primary manga source for the past four years, surpassing my fondness for Tokyopop because of one factor, Shojo Beat. I was hooked from the moment I laid eyes on the preview edition and subscribed the very next day. Before this point, I was never able to get into shojo manga because of the lack of variety and the inability to relate with their characters. Shojo Beat has brought the variety and relatable characters that I crave and I thank you for that. As a loyal consumer I have bought every last Shojo Beat magazine, and from Absolute Boyfriend to Yurara I have read, own or have owned 95% of all Shojo Beat titles, mainly because of the magazine. I have also branched out into owning other Viz titles, because Viz has brought me something I really enjoy. No amount of Shonen Jump can fill the void that Shojo Beat leaves in its wake.

Shojo Beat magazine, you will be greatly missed.